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Arm Tattoos for Guys – The Ultimate Decision Process, Read Here!

In this article we’re going to look at some amazing arm tattoos for guys. We’ll also discuss what a great time it is to get a tat because they are no longer considered only for people in prison and the army. The tattoo is now more accepted that ever and in some places it’s actually hard to find people who don’t have a tattoo.

The great thing for you is that the inking craze is actually going through the roof so the ideas for arm tattoos for guys are becoming more and more unique and interesting.

Tattoos have come a long way from the messy needle work of the past, when the local punk kid would put ink in his skin with a single guitar string. With modern technology tattooing has now truly become a very precise art form with a wide array of interesting designs and colors.

The main thing to remember is that this is going to be on your skin forever so try to stay away from getting your current girlfriend’s name or anything controversial on your face. There was a craze a few years back for guys to get a single tear drop under the eye which actually means that you have killed someone in prison. Not good….

Arm tattoos for guys:

1. The tiger is always very popular and shows that you are an alpha male.
2. Fantasy tattoos: You might get a dragon or an elf. These are popular with fans of heavy metal and Lord of the Rings.
3. Maori tattoos can be really nice if they are authentic and as long as you know what they mean.
4. You could get the names of your kids done in a really nice way.
5. The cross tattoo is a nice idea for the religious.
6. Irish Celtic bands. Often inked by people with roots in the old country.

Final thoughts

Always spend a long time deciding on what you want and going through many different ideas. A lot of guys just rush in and get something boring because they have ‘tattoo fever’ and need to get the thing done right away.

Also remember that if this is your first tattoo and your are getting something big it’s going to hurt. But after a while you will start to enjoy the pain as you see the design coming together.

You can take it!

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US Forces Art of Pride and Honor – Tattoo




Alex Sheridan. An empath with no memory of his early childhood. His body is covered in patterns and scars that he has tattooed as a permanant reminder. Luke Mackinnon. A Professor of ancient languages. The US army think that he is the person to find the answers they need. Words in an ancient script that will lead them to a weapon to win the war of all wars. Others simply want him to find the Oracle for a revenge as old as time. The legend. The power of the Oracle returning after fifty generations, sent to us by the Gods on Olympus. When Alex and Luke meet there is more than just lust between them. There is a connection they can not understand. How can they begin to survive the evil that wants the Oracle?

The Life and Times of Captain N.

The Life and Times of Captain N.


Douglas Glover’s acclaimed novel The Life and Times of Captain N. is now available in a GLE Library edition. Originally published by McClelland & Stewart, the novel was acclaimed by the most respected critics in Canada and the US, and compelled The Toronto Star’s Philip Marchand to call Glover “one of the most important Canadian writers of his generation.” Set on the Niagara frontier in the final days of the American Revolution, The Life and Times of Captain N. sees the revolutionary new world order from the standpoint of the losers. Hendrick Nellis, a Tory guerrilla, has also been a redeemer of whites abducted by Indians. His son Oskar finds himself sometimes allied with the Indians, sometimes at war with them. Hendrick kidnaps Oskar for King George’s army, and Oskar, haunted by dreams and by books, is the teller of the tale. The book he intends to write is sketched out in his letters to George Washington and in the signs tattooed on his skin as mementos of his personal Indian wars. The Life and Times of Captain N. trespasses into the no-man’s-land where the delirium of combat drives races, genders, languages, and ideas into a primeval frenzy. Master of the psyche’s primitive depths, Douglas Glover draws the reader into a violent and erotic emotional whirlpool. Some of the incidents in The Life and Times of Captain N. are based on the lives of the real Hendrick Nellis and his family, and, says Glover, “I have no doubt their descendents and relatives on both sides of the border will find much to complain of.

Very Washington DC: A Celebration of the History and Culture of America's Capital City

Very Washington DC: A Celebration of the History and Culture of America’s Capital City


A travel guide with character, this fact-filled keepsake offers all the history, beauty, charm, and culture of our nation’s capital city. In eye-catching watercolors and detailed sketches, artist Diana Gessler captures the allure that makes Washington DC one of the most visited destinations in the country. In addition to the national landmarks, stirring memorials, and vibrant neighborhoods, there’s the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Twilight Tattoo (a military pageant featuring the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps and the U.S. Army Drill Team), colorful row houses, famous hotels and restaurants, and more museums than you’ll be able to visit in just one trip. Gessler covers the city’s most popular attractions but also heads off the beaten path to share hidden gems, like the quirky Albert Einstein Memorial and Eastern Market, where you can dine on bluebucks and browse for flea market finds. Also included are an index of sites and a useful appendix of addresses, Web sites, Metro stops, and phone numbers. Very Washington DC is a picture-perfect guidebook-a one-of-a-kind memento for tourists and a cherished reminder of the city’s riches for those who have always lived in America’s hometown.

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