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La Ink: See Real ‘la Ink’ on ‘a Sensuous Woman’

Thanks to the colorful talents of renowned tattoo artist Kat Von D, actress and fashion designer Margaret Cho now sports artistic designs covering over at least 20% of her body. Cho is well-known for her honest approach in her stand-up comedy, as well as with other aspects of her life, such as her personal struggles with substance abuse and her experiences on the primetime comedy series All-American Girl. She’s also tried to push forward the cause of gay rights in her work, acting as a voice for the homosexual, bisexual and transgender communities within her performances and as an independently speaking activist.

Margaret Cho’s openness has also extended into the rest of her life, whether it be about her own bisexuality, the life and culture of an Asian-American, and her issues with weight. One of her latest efforts so far is to helm a burlesque production, which is titled A Sensuous Woman, in which she steps up to present along with several other performers. The show likewise involves a certain amount of burlesque striptease, and will run in New York during the next few weeks. She went to visit Kat Von D at the High Voltage Tattoo parlor, where the tattoo expert got to work on her female curves. Cho now has sizable tattoo designs found on her stomach, arms, and back.

Kat Von D is a veteran of the TLC network’s other previous tattoo-oriented show Miami Ink, of which LA Ink is a spin-off. By the end of August, Cho wrote a glowing review in her blog about her entire experience with body art, which will be featured in an episode of LA Ink. The actress described Kat Von D’s work as nothing short of amazing, and that she was already a longtime fan of the tattoo artist. She also admired how the procedure didn’t cause any physical pain at all.

For more resources about LA Ink: See Real ‘LA Ink’ on ‘A Sensuous Woman’ or for the full story of LA Ink please review this link

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For more resources about LA Ink: See Real ‘LA Ink’ on ‘A Sensuous Woman’ or for the full story of LA Ink please review this link

Kat Von D Book Signing (Clip shown on LA Ink)

La Ink-Season 1 V01

La Ink-Season 1 V01


Meet tattoo artist Kat Von D, who moves to Los Angeles and uses her unique style to become inker to the stars. In a city known for its tats, celebrities, musicians and wannabes line up for Kat’s black-and-gray art in this reality series from The Learning Channel. Between clients, Kat deals with the day-to-day headaches of running a business and managing her talented staff: Pixie, Corey, Kim and Hannah.

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