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Your Love Icon: Lower Back Heart Tattoo

Do you want that love symbol tattoos designs, that is so special for you and your partner?

Nowadays, we see women are getting a lower back tattoo. Looks like these lower back tattoos are gaining popularity. These tattoos have the focal point in the center of the back just above the pant line and then follow the natural curve of the woman’s body to fan out toward her hips in a variety of different patterns.

Do you know the lower back tattoos is really gaining popularity? This is the case with some lower back heart tattoos.

Lower Back Heart Tattoos – Choosing a Design
I sincerely like the lower back tattoos that can come in a variety of different patterns. There are some lower back heart tattoos that are colored, such as in the traditional red of a heart, but others may be in the black or green tattoo ink instead.Often the lower back heart tattoos have some special initials or love symbols added inside of the heart tattoo to represent a special meaning for the woman Eg A lover’s initials, a spouse or children or pet, or any other variety of symbols or initials that are close to her heart.

Sometimes the lower back heart tattoo stands alone, with the heart being the only part of the tattoo on the woman’s lower back.  Other times the heart may be the focal point of the tattoo in the center of the back with some design work that is placed behind or around the heart to scroll out to the sides of the woman’s back.

Search for a tattoo design that is not just meaningless black lines, but these tattoos can be beautiful, intricate creatures, such as dragons or eagles, and find out how the design complement the woman’s lifestyle when getting the tattoo.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs
Other than lower back tattoo designs for women, there are also many other designs that are popular on the market.  One of these is the dragonfly or butterfly tattoo. In this type of tattoo, the center piece is the insects body which sits in the center of the back, dipping into the pant line.
The wings of the insect usually fan out to the sides of the lower back, following the curves of the woman’s body toward her hips. Dolphin tattoos designs are sweet, in which I have seen a single dolphin or a group of dolphins tattoo design seen swimming just above and just below the panty line; again following the curves of the woman’s lower back and hips. In other cases, flowers are used, where the flower either sits alone in the center of the back, or the vines or leaves flow out to the sides of the lower back, fanning out from the flower and accenting it.

How to Airbrush Tattoo style script lettering with scrolls.

Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash

Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash


Tattoos and tattoo culture have gone mainstream in the last few years, with popular TV shows such as LA Ink, Miami Ink, and London Ink making celebrities out of tattooists and their clients. Highly skilled artists, many tattooists have moved beyond the artwork they draw on skin to create personal work on canvas. Art by Tattooists is the first book to showcase this art. The book features twenty-six international artists who use a variety of mediums, from ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, and oil to lino printing, painting on wood and board, and even examples of tattoo-style street art and skateboard graphics. Many of the artists are heavily influenced by the imagery they use as tattooists-roses, hearts, skulls, scrolls, birds, pin-ups, etc-and carry this into their personal work. Other work features colors, themes, or subject matter that is more subtly related to tattoo styles. Given the current popularity of all things tattoo-related, the book will have a wide appeal, not only to anyone interested in tattoo art and culture but also to artists, illustrators, designers, and students.

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