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Tattoo – Famous Female Celebrities And Their Tattoo!


Maybe a single in the explanation why animal fox tattoo may be elevated to celebrity standing is since celebrities are in a very race getting their bodies inked. As proof of your entry of tattoo into mainstream consciousness is a existence of tv reveals having animal fox tattoo as their main theme. Miami ink and jail break are well-known television exhibits with tattoo as its popular denominator.


A few of the extra well-liked celebrities and their well known tattoos are:


Angelina Jolie


She has tattoos positioned on her reduce back again, shoulder blade, left arm and perhaps scores of small tattoos not very easily captured by media. She has been photographed having a prayer tattoo that reads “A prayer for that wild at coronary heart, stored in cages.” She also has 1 on the back again which reads “Know your rights.”


Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie features a rosary beauty salon apparel on her ankle. Best buddy Paris Hilton was photographed with a new butterfly tattoo with the again and a tattoo which has been erased on her right butt test.


Megan Fox


The attractive hot star with the Transformer sequence is a tattoo fanatic even when her mother is not. She features a star, a Marilyn Monroe and quotes animal tattoos fox . Her tattoo reads “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.” A different one particular reads “There after was slightly lady who never ever knew adore until eventually a boy broke her heart.”


Victoria Beckham


The ever trendy spouse of David Beckham previously known as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls fame sports activities a number of star beauty salon towels on her reduce again. She also includes a line of tribal tattoos inked running down her spinal column.


Britney Spears


Britney Spears is into cute fox animal tattoos situated somewhere about her navel, reduced back plus a little star on the back of her hand. It could seem that despite the fact that she loves the idea of tattoos, she will not be but that adventurous to go for bold layout just nevertheless.



Miami Ink – To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo?

Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash

Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash


Tattoos and tattoo culture have gone mainstream in the last few years, with popular TV shows such as LA Ink, Miami Ink, and London Ink making celebrities out of tattooists and their clients. Highly skilled artists, many tattooists have moved beyond the artwork they draw on skin to create personal work on canvas. Art by Tattooists is the first book to showcase this art. The book features twenty-six international artists who use a variety of mediums, from ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, and oil to lino printing, painting on wood and board, and even examples of tattoo-style street art and skateboard graphics. Many of the artists are heavily influenced by the imagery they use as tattooists-roses, hearts, skulls, scrolls, birds, pin-ups, etc-and carry this into their personal work. Other work features colors, themes, or subject matter that is more subtly related to tattoo styles. Given the current popularity of all things tattoo-related, the book will have a wide appeal, not only to anyone interested in tattoo art and culture but also to artists, illustrators, designers, and students.

Fernsehsendung (Vereinigte Staaten)

Fernsehsendung (Vereinigte Staaten)


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Miami Ink - Koi Kiss Juniors Tank Top - Large

Miami Ink – Koi Kiss Juniors Tank Top – Large


Miami Ink fans who can’t get a tattoo at the famous shop can wear this pink 100% cotton tank top instead, featuring a koi fish and flowers in opposite corners.

Miami Ink - Koi Kiss Juniors Tank Top - M

Miami Ink – Koi Kiss Juniors Tank Top – M


Miami Ink fans who can’t get a tattoo at the famous shop can wear this pink 100% cotton tank top instead, featuring a koi fish and flowers in opposite corners.

Miami Ink-1st Season

Miami Ink-1st Season


Enter the creative, colorful and sometimes painful world of a remarkable brotherhood of tattoo artists who call themselves Miami Ink. Ten years after their individual apprenticeships, these four long-time friends have all become nationally known pros with major reputations and superstar clients. Now, they’re returning to trendy South Beach Florida, to open the ultimate tattoo parlor, share their lives and dreams, and teach their tattooing secrets to a new generation. From the rewards – and pitfalls – of their newfound wealth and fame, to the emotional sparks of a competitive rivalry, Season 1 of this top-rated TLC series offers a fascinating glimpse into a realm where every customer is a new challenge, and every tattoo tells a story!




Les achats comprennent une adhésion à l’essai gratuite au club de livres de l’éditeur, dans lequel vous pouvez choisir parmi plus d’un million d’ouvrages, sans frais. Le livre consiste d’articles Wikipedia sur: Irezumi, Tatouage En Polynésie, La Ink, Carey Hart, Miami Ink, Détatouage Laser, London Ink, Tom Leppard, Dermographe, Lucky Diamond Rich, Syndicat National Des Artistes Tatoueurs, Tattoo-Collants. Non illustré. Mises à jour gratuites en ligne. Extrait: Un tatouage est un dessin à l’encre du japon ou quelques autres pigments, habituellement décoratif ou symbolique, indélébile, sous la peau. C’est un type de modification corporelle. La technique du tatouage consiste à introduire dans la peau des matières colorantes (pigments) : la couleur ainsi introduite apparaît ensuite par “transparence” après cicatrisation de la plaie provoquée par le piquage. La peau est composée de trois couches (épiderme, derme et hypoderme) : l’encre est déposée par l’aiguille dans un espace assez précis à la limite entre le derme et l’épiderme. La profondeur de la piqûre varie en fonction des types de peaux et des parties du corps: entre 1 et 4 mm, les zones les plus épaisses se situant dans le dos. Article détaillé : Tatouage en PolynésieLe mot vient du tahitien tatau, qui signifie marquer ou dessiner. La racine du mot, ta signifie “dessin” et “atoua” signifie “esprit”. Le Docteur Berchon, traducteur du deuxième voyage de Cook vers Tahiti en 1772 employa pour la première fois le mot Tatoo. En 1858, le mot fut officiellement francisé en Tatouage et fit son apparition dans le dictionnaire de Littré. Tatouer est une pratique attestée en Eurasie depuis le néolithique. « Ötzi », l’homme des glaces

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting a Tattoo

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting a Tattoo


Got ink? Having a tattoo is now thoroughly mainstream-but getting it done is still scary for most regular folks. Does it hurt? Is it safe? How much does it cost? Written for the novice and aficionado alike, this book walks the reader through every step of the process: making the big decision, handling the physical event, and finally, taking proper care of your own personal work of art. Expert advice from a high-profile professional Includes 30 original designs, exclusive to this book Includes 8-page full-color insert Millions of people of all ages get inked each year Tattoo shops have sprung up everywhere to meet this growing demand, and cable shows such as “Miami Ink” and “Inked” draw huge audiences

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