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tattoo johnny tattoo design

Tattoos That Couples Like

With the increase in people getting tattoos in North America, couples are now getting tattoo designs together. It has become popular to have tattoos together to show that they are a couple and are in love and believe that their relationship will be a lasting one. Instead of going to a jewelry store to pick out wedding rings, couples are now choosing to go to a tattoo gallery.

The main tattoo design that is chosen by couples is usually centered on the name of the other person. They might get the name of their significant other inked on in a simple manner, or just the initials. Or, they might look at a tattoo gallery and choose from different styles to have the name written in, and different images that can be used as a backdrop. The danger with using the name of the other person is that should the relationship end badly, the people in question are stuck with their tattoos. Therefore, some people choose to put the name in a different language, usually one that looks very foreign but still stylish.

Matching tattoo designs for some couples is important. This way they can share in what they both want, and the tattoo artist will be doing the tattoos one after another. Shared interests, their commitment to each other, and even designs that signify what their relationship is about are all considered. For example, if they both share an interest in a particular type of music, a sport, or even a design that reminds them of when they first met are all looked at when couples decide to unite themselves through a shared tattoo.

Finally, a tattoo design that is cut in half, yet when put together completes an image is also growing in popularity. This requires a strong level of tattoo art design on the part of the artist in order to make sure that the two images on the couple will sync up properly. Often the couple will get these types of tattoos on their arms so that it is easy for them to put the images side by side. A quality design will make a complete image both with the other half and on its own.

Partners who choose tattoo designs to show the world that they love each other need to take the time to research tattoos and make sure that they are both in agreement of what they want. One may want the name while the other one may want a flower tattoo to signify their relationship together. A shared tattoo also may be what one wants and the other would prefer a name. It is a mutual decision and before embarking upon such a permanent decision, the couple should be committed to each other and know that this isn’t just a simple procedure. Your body will be changed, and how others perceive you if the tattoo is on a body part that is out in the open should be considered.

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Tattoo Johnny

Tattoo Johnny


If you’re thinking of getting a skull, a dragon, a flower, or even a pinup tattoo, you’ll find it in this massive collection. It’s filled with thousands of professional designs from Tattoo Johnny. one of the world’s leading suppliers of tattoo designs. Take your pick from elegant angels and fiendish devils, beautiful fairies and fantastic mermaids, classic patriotic and military insignias, and so much more. Whether it’s armbands, belly pieces, or a full sleeve, Tattoo Johnny has the dream art you’re looking for!

Totenkopf-T Towierungen

Totenkopf-T Towierungen


Mit über 300 hochwertigen Totenkopf-Tätowierung Designs, ist dieses Buch wahrscheinlich die umfassendste Kollektion von Totenkopf-Tätowierungen die du je findest. Ob du dich für eine neue Totenkopf-Tätowierung entschieden hast und auf der Suche nach Ideen bist, oder du einfach ein Totenkopf-Tätowierungsliebhaber bist und ein paar grossartige Designs sehen willst, dieses Buch wird dich nicht enttäuschen. Mit so vielen Totenkopf Designs zur Auswahl ist dieses Buch ist für jedermann geeignet, der auf der Suche nach Totenkopf-Tätowierungen ist. Von Stamm-Totenkopf Designs bis zu Schmetterlings-Totenköpfen, von flammenden Totenköpfen zu Drachen- und Cartoon-Totenschädeln und vielen weiteren Totenkopf-Tätowierung Designs, dieses Buch hat alles um jeden Tätowierungsliebhaber glücklich zu machen. Falls du auf der Suche nach Totenkopf-Tätowierungen bist, hör’ auf zu suchen – du hast die beste Totenkopf-Tätowierungsquelle entdecket, die du je finden wirst.

Cry Baby - Stripes Juniors Burnout T-Shirt - L

Cry Baby – Stripes Juniors Burnout T-Shirt – L


Swipe six hubcaps like a big girl in this white juniors t-shirt from Cry-Baby, with Johnny Depp as Wade Walker in a faded tattoo graphic. Featuring a striped, ultra-sheer burnout fabric and fitted design, this is a must-have for any fan of John Waters’ twisted retro throwback!

Crystal Imagery Moonshine Skull and Cross Bones Whiskey Flask

Crystal Imagery Moonshine Skull and Cross Bones Whiskey Flask


The Skull and Bones Moonshine flask is a rock and roll lover, tattoo lover, or motorcycle riding lovers perfect gift! A cool gift idea for that special person who is just a bit edgy or even just wishes he could be! Engraved gift idea for men or women who enjoy a nip of whiskey, bourbon or scotch now and then. This really cool Moonshine flask features a classic and detailed skull and cross bones design. A cool way to carry your own moonshine and spirits! Our custom glass flasks are a cool bridal party gift for men and women and is a gift that your groomsmen and bridesmaids will use and appreciate for many years to come. A great gift for any occasion such as a birthday, promotion, retirement, anniversary, or Christmas for men and women alike. Fill it with your beverage or spirit of choice, and you’re set to celebrate, no matter where the party takes you. Whether you love Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Seagram’s, Woodford Reserve, Johnnie Walker, Dewars, Crown Royal or Wild Turkey, this glass flask will make any of it taste all the better! Our cool glass pocket flask has a vintage appeal with its old-school style swing top. This hip flask has a leak-proof rubber seal. We have a flask for any whiskey, scotch, bourbon or rye lover you know. Our master glass carvers will sand-carve your keepsake glass whiskey flask for you in an old-world style that is unmatched by engravers and etchers. After our in-house design team creates your custom design, our glass carvers will carve away a background from the glass, leaving the monogram or personalization untouched and raised from the flask surface in a breath-taking three dimensional manner unlike engraved or etched flasks others are offering you, making this the perfect gift. Each personalized glass flask measures 8″H x 3 3/4″W x 1 1/2″H, and holds 8.5 ounces.

Cry Baby - Stripes Juniors Burnout T-Shirt - XL

Cry Baby – Stripes Juniors Burnout T-Shirt – XL


Swipe six hubcaps like a big girl in this white juniors t-shirt from Cry-Baby, with Johnny Depp as Wade Walker in a faded tattoo graphic. Featuring a striped, ultra-sheer burnout fabric and fitted design, this is a must-have for any fan of John Waters’ twisted retro throwback!

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