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safe body art act

Fix Your Teen’s Mistake with Laser Tattoo Removal

If you are the parent of a rebellious teenager, it is only natural for you to put your foot down on specific matters. Like any other concerned mother or father, you only want the best for your child. Taking care of your child’s needs used to be less complicated when he or she was still at a younger age. Back then, your child would have relied on you completely, and you still had a say on what they were exposed to. By the time he or she reaches puberty, however, you may find yourself drawing up battle lines as you get into more and more disagreements with your child.

One specific act of defiance that has attracted teens for years is getting a tattoo. Young boys and girls alike are all too familiar with the edginess and prestige that sometimes comes with a bona fide body art. The tattoos of choice have a tendency to evolve along with the trends and fashions at the time. It is not uncommon for teens to get tattoo inspiration from sources such as exotic languages, subversive punk movements or prison culture.

The obvious pitfall of people getting tattoos at such a young age is that often, they do not consider the full repercussions of the act. Surveys of tattooed youths have indicated that over ten percent of them eventually wind up regretting their decision to get inked. The “buyer’s remorse” may come as early as mere weeks after getting the tattoo, or it may hit a person when they are well into their middle age. Tattoos can even put some people at a disadvantage when they are looking for employment, or trying to start a new phase in their life.

While tattoos are generally impossible to eradicate completely, this does not mean that people have to suffer the full consequences of a bad decision. If you have just learned of your son or daughter getting a tattoo without your permission, you can subject them to laser tattoo removal to free them from the worst of the tattoo’s impact. Even if you can’t completely erase the tattoo from their skin, at the very least, you will be able to prevent the tattoo from staining their reputation.

While there are other tattoo removal methods available out there, laser tattoo removal remains by far the most consistent and reliable. It does bear noting that the procedure takes at least three separate sessions to take effect, with each session spaced nearly two months apart. To help remove the tattoo, especially-designed lasers are used on the skin’s underlying layers. The laser’s heat targets the ink compounds in the skin, reducing them into smaller particles for the body to flush out more easily.

The long-term treatment and recovery period needed for laser tattoo removal may prove too demanding for your teen to handle. A large-sized tattoo made up of different colors can take even longer to remove. In the end, the ordeal of extensive tattoo removal should make your teen think twice about making ill decisions about their own body modification.

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