Body Art Optical Illusions

body art optical illusions

Floating Eves BH (bollow face hollow body), HH, HB, BB. Optical illusion.

Really, Really Big Questions About Me and My Body

Really, Really Big Questions About Me and My Body


What am I made of? How do I know I’m real?Will I still be the same person at eighty?Following up on the success of Really, Really Big Questions, and Really, Really Big Questions About God, Faith, and Religion here comes an entertaining book that explores the important, weird, and sometimes metaphysical questions that children have about themselves. From the physical-Why do I like chocolate? How does my brain work? -to the philosophical-Is my memory what makes me? Is there life after death? -Really, Really Big Questions About Me and my Body by Stephen Law, illustrated by Marc Aspinall takes on the deeper questions that come with growing self-awareness. Throughout it all, humorous writing, funky art, and fun features like optical illusions, amusing stories, quotes, and mind-teasers keep it light and make this philosophic journey unforgettably interesting.

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